Peer Coordinator Model

Child Advocates – Denver CASA recently launched our Pilot Peer Coordinator Model! It started with the CASA graduating classes in January 2016. The CASA Peer Coordinator Model is a program that empowers seasoned Advocates to take on the support and coaching of new Advocates. Those of you familiar with our current program model know that our ability to change the lives of children has been limited by staff capacity.

With the Peer Coordinator model, we will be able to serve more children by recruiting and training seasoned, experienced CASA Volunteers to support other CASA volunteers.


  • To provide a CASA advocate to every child in the system
  • To create a fluid system of support for advocates
  • To strengthen connections between CASA volunteers
  • To expand our shared knowledge base
  • To build solid relationships within the organization by using smaller groups


We are so thankful and fortunate to have 4 current Peer Coordinators on our team:

  • Louis Irwin
  • Linda Burch
  • Dave Zinger
  • Claire Kosanke


  • A Different Type of Volunteering – If you’d like a break from working directly with youth, try it from another angle by supporting your peers in their work.
  • Use Your Expertise – Through your experience as an advocate you’ve become an expert. Help guide other volunteers by sharing your wisdom and experience in a supportive role.
  • Make Closer Connections – Advocates work individually on cases but as a Peer Coordinator you’ll be working with multiple volunteers and CASA staff.
  • Learn and Develop Your Coaching Skills – The role of the Peer Coordinator isn’t to have all the answers, but to help volunteers find their own right answers.
  • Harness People Power – Use your time, energy, and skill to support a program that thrives on volunteerism. With enough volunteer involvement, funding limitations won’t be an issue!

To learn more about the Peer Coordinator Model, how to be a Peer Coordinator or to connect with one of current Peer Coordinators, please contact our Lead Advocate Supervisor, Shayla Covington at