Judges and Others Endorse Work of CASA Volunteers


“Please let the CASA continue to be part of the children’s life. She has become a highly important person for them: the only consistent person these kids have known throughout the case.”

Adoptive mother on Adoption Day, 2011

“Our CASA was a big help in this case because the parents were very wary of caseworker and court personnel. She was able to establish a quick bond with the parents which really helped them engage and follow through on their treatment plans.”

Case Supervisor

“Having a CASA on a case provides invaluable information to the court because the CASAs spend time with the kids, get to know them, and can let the judge know what is going on. Having a CASA on a case helps me make better decisions.”

Judge D. Brett Woods

“The CASA volunteer, unlike most of the professionals involved in a case, has the ability to focus significant attention to a single case. The detailed information we are able to receive from our CASA volunteers is critical to our making better decisions. I wish we had a CASA in every case!”

Judge Karen M. Ashby