June Letter From Our Executive Director

Earning Your Cape

By Nancy Stewart

We often talk of the amazing work of our CASA Volunteers…true superheroes well deserving of appreciation for all they do to advocate for the kids in our community. But there are other heroes in our midst who may have earned their CASA Cape because  of their financial support of our mission. As a nonprofit organization, we are dependent on the time, treasure, and talent of volunteers. Because we must have charitable dollars to continue providing services, it’s important to acknowledge the many donors who support our organization with their “treasure.” Quite honestly, we can’t say thanks enough!

This summer, we are launching a campaign to encourage donors to earn their CASA Cape by setting up recurring (monthly) gifts. Thanks to our amazing Ambassador, Dax Hamman, who contributed his talent to create a giving page, https://giftofcasa.com, which emphasizes the impact of your support for not only the children and youth we serve, but the CASA Volunteers who give of their time. Setting up a monthly gift for Denver CASA is easy enough, but what’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about it later in the year when you are sent a barrage of solicitation letters by various organizations!

But more importantly, a recurring gift to Denver CASA helps train 100 more new CASA Volunteers; community members ready and willing to serve. A recurring gift means that our Advocate Supervisors can continue to provide resources, advice and guidance to those CASA Volunteers. A recurring gift will help ensure that we can provide extra support when we get special requests from families and caregivers. And as always, a recurring gift means that we can continue our mission of ensuring that every child in Denver County who needs a CASA Volunteer will have one.

So I hope you will spend a few minutes on the Gift of CASA page to discover which of these donation options most resonates with you. No matter what you decide, rest assured that your gift will have a direct and immediate impact on the most vulnerable children in Denver. What an amazing and sustainable way to earn your CASA Cape!