Marte Timmers

Marte Timmers handles all aspects of litigation, negotiation, and settlement in family law and domestic relations for families with estates of more than $1 million. Ms. Timmers, a trained collaborative law divorce attorney, has specific expertise in high net worth financial issues; business valuations; and allocation of parental responsibility issues, such as parental alienation and reunification of parents and children through the legal process. She is a skilled negotiator in mediation settings, working to reach amicable and favorable settlements for clients. Establishing relationships is essential for Ms. Timmers not only with her clients but with experts, and she has a high level of experience with a variety of business valuation experts, accountants, and parental responsibility evaluators in Colorado. Understanding the sensitive and critical situation of working with family matters, Ms. Timmers is always available for her clients to address their questions, ideas, and concerns, and to creatively strategize for an entire family. Ms. Timmers also has experience drafting marital agreements and cohabitation agreements.

From 2005 through 2010, the chief presiding judge for the Denver Juvenile Court appointed Ms. Timmers as a magistrate judge. During this time, she presided over child support enforcement and parenting time cases, contempt matters, and adoptions. Having the perspective of “the bench” assists Ms. Timmers in litigation matters and all aspects of the court process.